Midjourney is an Art Engine

It begins with a ‘prompt’ that you input as a description. Your description can be precise and sophisticated or can be basic and simple. This is the prompt for the image above:

“black elegant female sky dancer, hyperrealistic, highly detailed, blue spectrum, galaxy, supernova, crystalline structures, luminescent, photo realistic, wide angle, cinematic, octane render, 8k ” 

Once you decide on a description, you press ENTER, and the Midjourney Engine will generate 4 variations in less than 30 seconds. This is extraordinary. Most of the images for BraveWorld.cc were generated, through trial and error, over the course of a couple weeks.

I dreamed of doing this a few years ago. I was going to outsource the artwork and pay thousands of dollars. Life got in the way and I settled with the existing images which were inconsistent, at best. I am thrilled with this new tool.  

The examples below were for a specific genre. Any genre can be input, and the engine output will be varied. If you need genre based artwork, it’s easier than ever to create stunning artwork in minutes. If you need my help, then reach out to me