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Hi, my name is Russell Webb. I’m the Owner of Sundari Design LLC.

I have been an entrepreneur for thirty years. I have owned and operated two successful companies. Sundari Studio is solely focused on freelancing: for paid search advertising, SEO / SEM, and web design.

I learned SEO and SEM and focused on the marketing side for the past 20 years. SEO has become a complicated task as Google now has 200+ ranking factors in their algorithm.

If we focus on the main factors, on-page SEO, great content, page speed, mobile friendly SEO (60% of search), internal linking, and competitor analysis, then we will be on the right track.

This SEO process can take months. I can help you with a solid strategy. And it starts with keyword research.

We can fast track this longer term SEO strategy with Google Ads. I started marketing with Google ads in 2004. I have seen the platform grow exponentially.

I have also learned how NOT to set up my ad campaigns. In those early days I made costly mistakes on ad-spend with Google Ads. I’ll never let that happen to you.

All the Best

Russell Webb

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