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Greetings. I’m Russell Webb. Thanks for visiting. I am certified in Google Ads for search, display, and video.

I started marketing with Google ads in 2004. I have seen the platform grow exponentially. Google has more tools available now and it’s been a fascinating (and frustrating) evolution to witness.

It’s fascinating because they’ve turned it into a 12B (yes, Billion) a month revenue stream, and frustrating because they setup endless financial pitfalls for average users to navigate through. Broad match keywords anyone? It’s been estimated that less than 10% of users have their accounts set up properly and optimized.

I’ll never let that happen to you.

Why You Should Hire Me

I have been an entrepreneur for thirty years. I have owned and operated two successful companies.

I built this website to highlight my Digital Marketing skills. I am mainly focused on freelancing: for paid search Google Ads, Content Marketing, and Web Design.

I learned Google Ad Management with my first company – Mastercraft Carpet Makers. My focus was on driving traffic to the site through organic search and paid search.

The target market was mainly B2B and I produced Logo Carpets and Rugs for hundreds of clients. I manufactured these products in my warehouse. 

Our client list was extensive – US Gov and Military – Air Force, Navy, Army, and Marines. Corporations: Verizon, Microsoft, Imgur, Starbucks, Porsche, Cadillac, Ford,  Clear Channel, Fox Sports, Major League Baseball – MLB, Pro hockey teams, Pro basketball teams, Madison Square Garden and more. 

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Russell Webb

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