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Living in this fast-paced world requires entrepreneurs and organizations to stay relevant online. Ecommerce and service-based websites must operate on all digital platforms: Desktop, Tablets, and Mobile. Did you know that 60% of all search traffic is through mobile devices?`

Now, this is easier than ever with the WordPress platform. There are thousands of themes with responsive designs available. A well-built website theme will “respond” to each device platform… automatically.

Engaging Site Design

We have a foolproof formula that we use in building our websites. Explore a few of our active/live sites below to see how we do this.

What is your offering online? Recent research indicates you have about three seconds to capture your visitors attention. Yes, this is a fact. You have about 3 seconds to convince them to stick around and then take action. You will do this with a ‘call to action,’ say, a phone number, a sign-up button, or an email form. This is also known as a CTA.

What We Do

Google Ad Management

We can audit your existing campaign, or set up new campaigns, if you are getting started. Once we have your ad-campaigns set up and running, we monitor and tighten up your ads and track the conversions. Then we manage monthly.

Web Development

We design and build websites for commercial and personal uses. We use the WordPress platform. And we offer a regular maintenance schedule to keep your site secure and up to date.

Pro Design Illustrations

Specializing in the new AI Engines that generate amazing art variations. We’ve had some fun times developing new art concepts for website owners. The future for this type of illustrative artwork is exciting!

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Website Architecture

“Website Architecture is how a websites pages are structured and linked together. An ideal website architecture helps users and search engine crawlers easily find what they are looking for on a website.

Great site architecture sends link authority around your site. When you internally link to high-priority pages, the more link authority will flow to those pages, which can help improve their rankings in google ” Brian Dean – Backlink O

Why You Need Landing Pages

It’s important to build landing pages to capture leads. Our home page is a landing page.

In fact, any page that has a unique CTA should be considered a landing page. There is a formula for doing this. We can help you set it up the right way.

Tip: you want your landing pages to be standalone and leakproof. How is this done? With as few exit links as possible, or better yet, none. Once your hard-earned visitor starts roaming around your site, you lose the ability to track conversions.

Why is this important? Sometimes your leads will arrive from some form of paid advertising.

Your ad spend needs to be tracked effectively. Which ads and keywords are driving customers to your site? Does your ad spend get wasted because you don’t know which keywords convert? We will not let this happen to you.

In concluding, a well developed landing page helps you control and manage your conversion tracking. Your landing pages are standalone pages with CTA buttons or phone numbers to call. See a few examples of landing pages below.

How to get Started

Get Started in 3 Easy Steps

Determine Your Needs

Are you going to need a new website, built from the ground up? Or do you need us to rebuild an existing site?

Schedule a Consult

Schedule a brief consultation. Email us or call to request an appointment. We can do video call or meet in person.

Place Your Order Request

Once an order has been placed, we will draw up a contract that benefits all parties involved. We will include a projected timeline and completion dates.

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Website Builds

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Landing Pages

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